“Empowering our People to Live an Abundant Life”

We’re the team constantly finding new ways to deliver disability support and care. We value you and your needs — we’re so happy to create new services to deliver the care you want to be a part of.

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Our Disability Support & Care Services Australia

You need a range of services to achieve your personal goals, feel fulfilled and thrive socially and professionally. Our team tailors our approach to you and your specific goals. 

We think outside the box.

Disability support work calls for creativity. Every individual is different and has different goals. It’s our job to work with you to achieve your goals — whether they’re professional goals or personal. 

To do this, we think outside the box and listen to you. You know what you need best, so we make our support and care planning a collaborative experience. 

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Two men laughing together, one is in a wheelchair demonstrating supported independent living

Become a Support Worker with Avas Support

We are lucky to work with incredible support workers within Avas Support. They provide invaluable support to people with disabilities and their families to live according to their needs, goals and capabilities.

Apply for one of our support worker jobs to be part of our amazing team today!

"I now have choice and control over the big decisions in my life."

Zack is one of our participants who’s currently learning how to take on life independently. He’s living independently with the support of our team, who provide amazing support and mentorship in his special interests.

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How to get started

Request a Callback

Get started by requesting a callback.

Our Participant Services Facilitator will discuss your individual goals and needs, and begin putting a plan in place. 


We’ll have a face to face (or video) meeting.

We’ll meet with your
support coordinator and any other professionals to create a comprehensive support plan.


You’ll begin receiving tailored support.

Count on us to provide you with
tailored care and support, directly targeting your goals both personal and professional.

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Covering Queensland

We have offices, resources, and an amazing selection of support workers in every corner of Queensland, ready to support you. If we don’t have support in your region, we’ll hire the correct professionals specifically for you.

Not in Queensland? Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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"Avas has enabled us to build a village of supports to help Dylan live his best life."

No young man wants to spend all of his time hanging out with his mum. With Avas Support and our beautiful team of support workers, Dylan is able to go out and experience different activities with different people who hold different perspectives on life. Plus, he gets to have some fun without his mum.

young man lying on a beanbag with an older man sitting next to him

Why choose AVAS Support?

We think differently

Personal goals call for personalised support. We take a creative approach to your care to make sure we’re giving you the support you need.

Committed to life

It’s about life for us. We’re committed to bringing out the best in life and empowering you to really live — exactly how living feels fulfilling to you.

Right across Queensland

We want to provide our support to all of Queensland. Our team is positioned across the region — in its cities, regional hubs, and the most desolate areas of the state.

Choice and control

It’s your care and you’re entitled to choice and control. That means you choose the activities you complete, your support worker, and you always have control.

We have the best people

We truly believe we have the best people in our team. Our commitment to diversity means our team has the power of various backgrounds and different walks of life. 

People first business

You come first, in every aspect. From selecting a support worker and your support plan to the activities you take on. You’ll always come first. 

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Our people are our heart and soul

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.