disabled young man in wheelchair drawing in a park with an women behind him, being supportive

Art in the Park & Making a Social Connection

At Avas Support, we understand how important social connection is for our wellbeing and how we build skills, capacity and relationships.

So, we’ve created a space where NDIS participants and their care support can come together to get involved in an art-based activity and enjoy a social experience.

disabled young man in wheelchair drawing in a park with an women behind him, being supportive

It's all about that feeling of belonging. Belonging to community, belonging to our surrounding environment and belonging to society.

How does Art in the Park work?

In our Art in the Park class, we come together with common interests such as enjoying nature and creative expression

We foster this in a fun and inviting environment where everyone is accepted and appreciated.

It’s a therapeutic experience where we unearth our hidden and inner talents in a shared experience.

This is an experience where memories are made and captured in a communal talent pool of
budding artists.

In a group with like-minded individuals, we undertake an expressive art class out in the park. This might involve painting, drawing, or other artistic mediums.

How does Art in the Park help us connect?

disabled young man in wheelchair drawing in a park with an women behind him, being supportive

Something we love about art and getting creative is that anyone can make art — regardless of their age, their talents or their abilities. 

It’s a fun and safe way of expressing ourselves, communicating with others, and sharing our emotions with others and even ourselves.

Improve creativity & self-esteem

Getting creative taps into the creative side of our brain — on the right-hand side. So, in art therapy, we’re exercising a new part of the brain. 

Learning these new skills empowers our creativity and helps us build confidence in learning new things, taking on new activities, and actively builds our self-esteem. 

Get empowered

Taking on a daunting or intimidating task and discovering you can do it and you’ve enjoyed it is so beneficial and will work to empower you.

Reduce stress, anxiety & depression

People with disabilities may be more likely to find themselves experiencing anxiety, stress and depression. There are evidence-based links between art and improving these conditions. In fact, art can become an outlet to manage these negative emotions.

Build & improve interpersonal skills

By taking on this new course, working with an instructor, and chatting with others, participants can learn and practice interpersonal skills in a fun and safe environment.


At Avas Support, we believe fun is the driving factor in connecting with others and having positive experiences. So, we find that creating these fun experiences for our participants drives engagement, focus, and supports the other work we’re doing — whether that’s in capacity building or our care support.

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