Community Access

Support while you’re out and about

Access the community in new ways with the support to take on new activities, and find new activities you enjoy.

Young man walking with another man who is providing community access

We work closely with your support team to achieve your goals

We believe that your support team works best when they act as a team. So that’s exactly what we do. From you, your family, and your personal support network to the other professionals like therapists who provide you with care. We need to communicate, share ideas, and reflect on progress together.

Support to access the community, how you like

Attend appointments, go shopping for clothes or groceries or try a new form of public transport. We’re here to give you the support to build these new skills and create strategies for accessing the community. When you have a special event or an activity you need to complete coming up, your support worker will partner with you to get it done.

Lady walking with her walker smiling at her support worker
Young man sitting on rocks and smiling to the camera.

Support through social activities and participation

The movies, shopping, meeting with friends, or something more adventurous like bowling or going to the beach. Your support worker will partner with you to take on all steps required. From purchasing any tickets you need to organising the public transport to get there.

Why choose Avas Support for your care

We think differently

We’re always innovating how we provide care. Our team thinks differently to provide you with personalised care.

We’re committed to life

It’s all about life. Whether we’re helping you at home or taking you out in the community, it’s all about enjoyment.

You always come first

It’s your care and it’s all about you. So, whether it’s a social activity or taking you grocery shopping, you’ll always be the priority.

It’s about choice & control

Our care and support offering always comes back to choice and control. It’s so important to us that you have choice and control.

"Living life to the full!"

Donna has been working with Avas Support in domestic assistance, personal care and community access. She is the embodiment of living life to the full, is an active part of the community and achieving her dreams of getting out and about to find new activities she loves.

women sitting on walker smiling

Our people are our heart and soul

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.