Domestic Assistance

Domestic assistance makes a big difference

Keeping on top of household tasks can be really daunting and overwhelming when you’re living with a disability. Domestic assistance gives you the time and support to do the things you love.

Person folding bed sheets

Take on your day-to-day with peace of mind

Going to work, socialising, or tackling the day’s tasks becomes harder when you have housework or chores to worry about too. We’ll take on the household tasks you have difficulty with so you can take on the rest of your day with peace of mind.

We’re your helping hand. We’re here for you.

We’re here to support you. So, your support workers and wider care team will get to know you, your habits, and the household tasks you need taken care of. Then, we’ll devise processes and plans so we can ensure your home is cared for as you like it and that we’ve met your needs.

A man in a wheelchair demonstrating supported independent living

Tasks we’ll support you with

It’s all about supporting you, how you need us to. We’re here to take on any domestic assistance tasks we can to empower you throughout the day.

Why choose Avas Support for your care

We think differently

We believe a personalised and innovative approach fosters the very best results. So, we take a different approach to domestic assistance. 

We’re committed to life

We want to make it all about life and its enjoyment. We’ll help you get the most out of domestic assistance so that you can get the most out of life. 

You always come first

It’s always about you and your individual needs. Your domestic assistance will be personalised to you.

It’s about choice & control

We empower through choice and control. That’s carried through our domestic assistance service and beyond.

"Living life to the full!"

Donna has been working with Avas Support in domestic assistance, personal care and community access. She is the embodiment of living life to the full, is an active part of the community and achieving her dreams of getting out and about to find new activities she loves.

Woman with a walker being supported by personal carer

Our people are our heart and soul

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.