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Embracing Person-Centred Care: Enhancing the NDIS Journey for Avas Support Participants

What is person-centred care and why is it important?

When you think of an NDIS provider, support workers and carers of people with a disability, you may presume that the person receiving the care would automatically be at the centre of decisions made about them and that they would be included in the process.  

 Unfortunately, the traditional model for the industry has been plan first, people second. Providing support in a way that would see service professionals create plans for people, rather than working with the individual to create the support they want and need. 

Thankfully, then entered person-centred care, the ultimate form of partnership between the organisation, the support worker and the participant. Person-centred care is the change that is now imperative in all disability support and care services. 

It sees the person with a disability as a part of the process and as such the support workers and service providers aim to create solutions and care based on working with the individual and their family members.   

Person-centred care is a philosophy that prioritises the individual’s needs, preferences, and aspirations. It recognises that each participant is a unique individual with their own strengths, challenges, and goals. This approach differs from traditional support models that focus solely on providing standardised services, as person-centred care values the participant as an active decision-maker and partner in their support journey. The benefits of person-centred care are numerous, including increased participant satisfaction, enhanced autonomy, and improved overall outcomes.

Building Genuine Relationships:

At Avas Support, we believe that building authentic relationships with our participants is the foundation of person-centred care. We prioritise active listening, empathy, and mutual respect to foster trust and create meaningful connections. By genuinely understanding our participants’ experiences, preferences, and values, we can tailor our support to meet their individual needs and provide a supportive environment where they feel heard and valued. 

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Recognising Individual Goals and Aspirations:

Person-centred care places great importance on recognising and supporting participants’ unique goals and aspirations. We work closely with each participant to identify their individual goals, whether it’s improving daily living skills, pursuing education or employment opportunities, or enhancing social connections. When you get to know someone, including their needs, goals and aspirations, you allow them to take control of their day to day, which is very empowering and should always be encouraged.  

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Tailoring Support Plans:

To ensure person-centred care, we create individualised support plans that align with participants’ preferences, needs, and strengths. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to supporting individuals with diverse abilities and aspirations. Our support plans are flexible, allowing for regular reviews and adaptations as participants’ circumstances change. By customising our services to cater to specific preferences and requirements, we provide a support framework that truly addresses the unique needs of each participant. 

Promoting Participant Choice and Control:

We believe in promoting participant choice and control throughout the support journey. We empower participants to make informed decisions about their lives and the services they receive. Our support workers provide participants with information, options, and advocacy, helping them navigate the NDIS landscape and exercise their rights. We respect and honour participants’ choices, even if they differ from what might be considered conventional, as we believe that personal autonomy and self-determination are essential in fostering independence and confidence. 

Happy staff and happy participants

When you know you are helping someone do what they actually want to do, rather than force them into a routine or activity that isn’t in line with their goals, your job satisfaction is going to improve. 


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This is another wonderful reason why we love person-centred care. When people with a disability feel supported, cared for and are satisfied, our staff will be too.

One thing we also do here at Avas Support, is match staff with the needs and goals of our participants. That way the support workers will be engaging in care that not only is in line with the participant, but in line with the staff member too. This transformational approach while wonderful for the participant is also so important for the staff. At Avas Support, you can really build relationships with our staff, adding to an overall experience, because the people who are here to support you, will really know you. 

Continual Learning and Professional Development:

At Avas Support, we understand that delivering person-centred care requires ongoing learning and professional development. Our support workers regularly engage in training programs and stay up-to-date with industry best practices and emerging research in disability support. By investing in continuous learning, we enhance our knowledge and skills, allowing us to provide the highest quality of care and support to our participants. 

How does Avas Support implement person-centred care?

Person first has always been a core operating principle, so implementing person-centred care has been second nature to us.  Our staff love to provide quality care so you can achieve your goals. 

From the first meeting we will spend time getting to know the participants, their disability and needs, along with getting to know the family if suitable, before working together to provide services that will work for them. 

We then will create a person-centred support plan, thinking outside the box in its creation so that the individual’s needs and goals are met. This can include creating a team with other professionals, so the participant is supported in every area of their life. We even often hire specific new staff for a particular person so that the service provided is exactly what the participant needs. 

We love providing top quality care and want our participants to have an abundant life that empowers them to be all they need to be. Our person-centred approach makes sure that this can happen, but if you are curious to learn even more about why we are so passionate about people first, then click here. If you’re excited to experience what person-centred care looks like, we can’t wait to hear from you – so give us a call or head to our contact page to send us an email.

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