Disability Group Support

Meet like-minded people through disability group support

Meeting and communicating with like-minded people is so beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Connect, make new friends, and meet people who get you.

Group of women sitting in a circle as part of the group support at Avas Support

Group support allows you to learn and share

Learn from your peers’ experiences and share your own. By sharing your personal experiences and hearing others’, you can lighten the mental load. Group support is an amazing opportunity to establish new connections based on these shared experiences.

In-person or online group support

You won’t always have the time, the access, or the capacity to get along to in-person support groups. And on the flip side, you might not feel comfortable connecting online. At Avas Support, we offer both forms of support so you can access this support wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Young girl learning new independent living skills with support worker
Group of 4 boys at school doing an arts and crafts activity, smiling and laughing

Take on new activities with new friends

Taking on new activities can be daunting. We love getting a group together to tackle a new activity together. From taking public transport together to spend a day at the beach, through to exploring a woodwork class together — there’s a lot of fun to be had in our group support.

Why choose Avas Support for your care

We think differently

We meet and support such a broad range of people and we believe there’s power in our diversity. So, we take a different approach to meet all these different needs.

We’re committed to life

It all comes back to life. Whether we’re taking you out into the community or facilitating a support group, we want to wring out all the best bits of life together.

You always come first

Sharing your experiences and hearing others you can relate to is so beneficial. Making new connections and friendships is so positive for your development.

It’s about choice & control

We love seeing our participants participate in our group support activities. With all aspects of your care though, you have total choice and control.

"I am enjoying my new opportunities to make my own money."

Amarnie has been working with Avas Support in capacity building and community access support. She’s 17-years-old and is quickly gaining more independence through the development of life skills, social skills, and learning how to get a job. 

Armanie holding up her resume, showing she is gaining more independence through learning new skills through community access support

Our people are our heart and soul

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.