Our Team

  • Peter Bishop

    Director, CEO

    Peter Bishop

    Cert IV Disability Support Director, CEO Cert IV Disability Support

    Peter, our CEO and Director, is the heartbeat of Avas Support. His visionary leadership is peppered with dreams that seamlessly combine ambition with fun. Before donning the hat of a CEO, Peter was an exceptional support worker, sought-after for his uncanny ability to genuinely connect with people, especially those with disabilities. He has an innate talent for making individuals feel truly valued, seen, and heard. It’s not just about work for Peter; it’s about creating relationships. Always up for engaging conversations, his laughter is contagious, echoing warmly throughout any space. 

    When Peter steps outside of his professional role: 

    • He’s an enthusiast of gel blasters, always on the lookout for the next upgrade. 
    • Fitness and staying active are top priorities, though he’s known to enjoy some playful roughhousing with his energetic 2-year-old. 
    • One of his favourite bonding moments? Driving his little one around in a battery-powered four-wheel drive, both beaming with joy. 

  • Jessica Bishop

    Director, COO

    Jessica Bishop

    Bachelor of Fine Arts; Cert IV in Disability Support Director, COO Bachelor of Fine Arts; Cert IV in Disability Support

    Jess is the driving force behind the innovative systems and processes at Avas Support. With a knack for problem-solving, she’s constantly looking for cutting-edge ideas to ensure we’re always a step ahead in meeting our participants’ needs. The joy of learning fuels her desire to continuously improve, ensuring Avas Support remains a leader in the field. 

    Outside of her professional aspirations, her personal life is a rich tapestry of passion and joy. She’s a green thumb, currently building a backyard haven filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and the lively chirps of their chickens. This harmonious setting provides a playground for her spirited 2-year-old, whose infectious energy keeps her on her toes. Every day, she revels in the joys of motherhood, cherishing the moments she spends with her bundle of energy. 

    When Jess isn’t working or gardening, you’ll likely find her: 

    • Delving into the world of gardening, nurturing her ever-growing fruit and veg paradise. 
    • Enjoying the company of her lively chickens and her high-spirited toddler, a true source of joy and laughter. 
    • Absorbed in new learning, feeding her insatiable appetite for knowledge. 

  • Debra Cole

    Lead Facilitator

    Debra Cole

    Business Management & Disabilities Lead Facilitator Business Management & Disabilities

    Deb has a big heart for people. She’s passionate about her role with Avas Support and simply enjoys the process of matching our support workers to our participants and seeing lives transformed. The impact Avas Support can create for our participants is what drives her every day. She’s often found with a big smile on her face and it’s because our support workers are amazing humans and her conversations with them and our participants “simply make her day”.

    Outside of Avas work Deb is:
    • A big softy that loves animals
    • Eating a Thai yellow lamb curry and coconut rice
    • Sitting at the beach with her feet in the sand and a book in her hand

  • Astrid Firrell

    Service Development and Compliance Officer

    Astrid Firrell

    Bachelor of Social Science - Disability and Community Services Service Development and Compliance Officer Bachelor of Social Science - Disability and Community Services

    Astrid was previously in the position as a Service Facilitator for Avas Support facilitating the supports of participants in the Redlands/ Brisbane and Inner Brisbane region. As the organisation has grown and developed in such a short space of time, so too has her role now being the Avas Support Service Development and Compliance Officer.

    Astrid has extensive experience working across a number of community based organisations and support services, both in the aged care, disability and community care sector and in the NDIS environment. It gives her great pleasure to be able to be part of the Operational team at Avas Support.

    On a personal note she enjoys discovering new places, events and activities out and about. She regularly maintains her health and wellness by attending a local gym, enjoys bushwalking and relaxing in amongst the rainforest environment absorbing all the feels ie: crisp air, waterfalls, nature at its best.

    Outside of Avas work Astrid is:
    • Glamping
    • Engaging with some quite unusual animals, such as llamas, miniature cows and pink silkie chickens
    • Regularly volunteering within the community
    • Sharing valuable time with family and friends

  • Lauren Welsh

    Operations Manager

    Lauren Welsh

    Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Operations Manager Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Lauren is our Operations Manager. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience in administration and customer service. Her goal in life is to help people achieve their goals. With her friendly, down-to-earth personality, she always makes sure that her clients and customers feel supported and at ease.

    Lauren is also a passionate photographer, avid researcher, striving to find answers to all sorts of questions, and has a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

    She has lived in four countries (continents) and is a citizen of three… She even spent a year living in Taiwan teaching children English.

    Lauren has been writing her own music since she was 12 and teaches children and adults to play the piano.

    Outside of Avas, Lauren is interested in:
    • Spending as much time with her wonderful daughter and walking their puppy (who is often a troublemaker)
    • Getting out for adventures — she has been sky diving and bungy jumping multiple times
    • Arm wrestling! She always welcomes a challenge.

  • Laura Mohm

    Financial Administrator

    Laura Mohm

    Financial Administrator

    Laura is the brilliant mind managing the financial intricacies at Avas Support. With her sharp problem-solving skills, she ensures everything runs seamlessly in the background. Her dedication is unmatched, and she’s always eager to assist, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Don’t be surprised if you detect a hint of a German accent when you chat with Laura; she brings with her the efficiency and precision often associated with her German roots. 

    Outside the office, Laura’s world revolves around her two amazing boys. Their shared adventures often involve splashing around in swimming spots, always on the lookout for the next great location. If it were up to Laura, every weekend would be a beach day, feeling the sand between her toes and listening to the waves crash along the shore. 

    When Laura isn’t working or exploring new swim spots, you might find her: 

    • Immersing herself in the vibrant German culture, reminiscing about her upbringing. 
    • Planning their next beach outing, always on the hunt for a sun-soaked paradise. 
    • Sharing delightful stories of her two boys, the true stars in her life. 

  • Samantha Brown

    Rostering Administrator

    Samantha Brown

    Psychology Degree Rostering Administrator Psychology Degree

    Samantha is our Rostering Administrator. She’s passionate about solving problems with a can do attitude. Her biggest goal in life is to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Samantha has experience in customer service, team leading and Volunteer coordinating.

    Samantha is also an amateur cake decorator, with a specialty in making fondant figures and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Music Psychology.

    She volunteers for the children’s hospital playing games, doing crafts and being a super radio announcer.

    Outside of Avas, Samantha is interested in:
    • Spending quality time with her family
    • Reading all the books
    • Hiking for the views
    • Making balloon animals and facepainting (but please don’t ask her to draw on paper!)

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