Short Term Accommodation (STA)

What is Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is an opportunity for you to enjoy a short stay away from home. During your stay you can learn new skills, enjoy new activities, and meet new friends who share similar experiences.

Young man in wheelchair in short term accomodation at an oven

How does Short Term Accommodation work?

You’ll enjoy a short stay away from home in a purpose-built property. We have a variety of properties available to us with all the appropriate supports you might need for your stay.

We’ll ensure you’re partnered with the best support worker for you and have all the supports you’ll need for your stay — from personal care, meal planning and cooking, to all of your community access needs.

What is support like in STA homes?

Our STA properties offer safe and comfortable accommodation with all the supports you need to thrive while you’re away. Your support worker will work with you and your wider support team to make sure you have everything you need for your stay.

Woman with a walker being supported by personal carer
Young woman holding meerkat doing activities

Take on activities too

We absolutely love our Short Term Accommodation offering for the benefits it provides you with. You’ll get to take on new activities and capacity-building exercises of your choice. 

You could go to the beach, see a movie, head out to a sports game, or visit a local attraction. You’ll get to choose the activities you take on.

Why choose Avas Support for your care

We prioritise safety & life

We find the perfect balance between keeping you safe and helping you get all there is out of life. So you can get the very most fun out of your stay away.

We’re committed to life

We’re all about life. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your stay, the activities we complete, and the support you receive.

You always come first

Whether we’re in the STA property or out in the community, you always come first. Your safety, happiness, and comfort are our priorities. 

It’s about choice & control

Choice and control is at the centre of everything we do. Especially on your exciting stay away from home, having choice and control is essential. 

"Living life to the full!"

Donna has been working with Avas Support in domestic assistance, personal care and community access. She is the embodiment of living life to the full, is an active part of the community and achieving her dreams of getting out and about to find new activities she loves.

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Our people are our heart and soul

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