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Our support workers support, enable and empower people with disabilities and their families to live according to their needs, goals and capabilities.

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Our Values

We serve a person, not a need

The need is important and helps define the care, but you are more important – you are not your disability – and our focus is finding the best for you through participant-centred, customised, quality care. We believe everyone deserves to live an abundant life, empowered to be all that they can be.

We are a great place to work and value our staff

We invest in them, train them, celebrate them and reward them for their effort. Our support workers are the best of who we are and provide quality care that makes a meaningful difference.

We keep the safety in and kick the boring out!

We believe in thinking outside the box and colouring outside the lines. We don’t follow the way it’s always been done. While we keep things safe and provide good governance, we also try new things. We experiment. We push the boundaries of what people thought possible. And most importantly, we have fun doing it! The people we serve every day are full of colour – we don’t believe in limits or lines!

We support community

We are passionate about community transformation and get involved in the community wherever we open a new branch of our business. We believe our nation will be different tomorrow because of the way we do business in local communities today.

We value our future and yours

We operate with integrity and choose sustainable business practices so that we are successful and able to invest in our future and in yours.

About the role

Young man walking with another man who is providing community access

Community access

Assisting participants to access the community for events, classes, shops and facilities.

Independent living skills

Allowing opportunities for participants to exercise and learn independent living skills.


Supporting participants to and from appointments.

Personal Care

Carrying out tasks to ensure participants have daily personal hygiene and care.

Domestic assistance

Assist the participant with duties such as cooking, cleaning and the maintenance of their home.

About you

Your core skills:

You’ll be a positive person with the ability to represent the values of Avas Support. With respect for diverse needs, values, cultures, and beliefs, you’ll carry empathy for people with disabilities. Your communication skills will be excellent, written, verbal, and non-verbal, and you’ll have good listening skills. You will be required to maintain current qualifications.

Additional skills and knowledge:

As a support worker in our team, you’ll have the ability to respond to change, to manage conflict to achieve a positive result, and have specific skills that relate to our participants’ needs. Additional training, such as a Certificate 3 in Disability Support, diversion and distraction techniques, and mental health training would be a bonus.

Qualifications & Verifications

a collage of photos of people and supports workers smiling
Two men chatting together, one is in a wheelchair, the other is showing personal care

About Avas Support

Avas Support Pty Ltd. was established in July of 2019 in response to witnessing participants being mismatched with unsuitable support workers. This created a problem of unhappy participants’ needs not being met, goals not being achieved, and desires ignored.

We aim to solve this problem by hand picking caring individuals, providing them with quality training and matching them with participants where they can support them to meet their needs, achieve their goals and create a fulfilling life. With this custom approach we aim to be a service that represents quality and exudes integrity; delivering the service exactly how we claim to.

Our people are our heart and soul

Meet the Team

Peter Bishop
Director, CEO
Debra Cole
Lead Facilitator

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