Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Succeed with Supported Independent Living

Home is so important, and so is gaining and keeping your independence, as you live your life, your way. Our NDIS funded Supported Independent living (SIL) service offers that independence while providing you with total support.

Support team sitting in a circle to discuss supported independent living

We work closely with your support team

We believe that your support team works best when it’s just that: a team. So, your support workers will communicate with your support coordinator, your personal network, and the rest of your care team — like therapists and other health professionals. This helps us ensure we’re delivering the very best care possible.

Live a balanced, fulfilling life

From getting out into the community to picking up groceries or cooking a meal at home — your SIL and community access support worker is here to make it happen. We’re here to provide the support you need to take on the day with confidence.

Two men laughing together, one is in a wheelchair demonstrating supported independent living
Young man standing with his hands in his pocket on a road with a prosthetic leg

What does supported independent living funding help with?

If you are an NDIS participant with supported independent living funding (SIL funding) included in your plan, you can get up to 24-hour support, day to day, in your own home.

Avas Support can help you 24 hours a day by providing NDIS SIL and community access support so that you can live in your own home.  This can include help with daily tasks like:

As a SIL provider, Avas Support can supply you with the support workers and support assistance that help you with the day to day, while helping you to develop the skills that you need, to make everyday living easier and more enjoyable.

We’re shaking up how SIL works

We aren’t afraid to do things differently. While there are plenty of evidence-based care practices we provide that are tried and tested, we’re still innovating in this space. We take special care to match you with support workers who align with you and your interests.

This way, we can incorporate plenty of the things you love into each day.

Man cutting up vegetables, assisting with supported independent living to a young woman

Why choose Avas Support for your care

We think differently

We are an NDIS SIL provider that is always innovating how we provide care to you and all our participants. We want to shake up how support is provided. We want you to get the best results from your SIL funding.

We’re committed to life

It’s about life for us and we want it to be for you too. We are committed to helping you to get the best out of life and the most enjoyment from it. We’ll wring all the best parts of life out together.

An NDIS SIL provider that puts you first

It’s your care and your life. You’re the priority in every activity we tackle and every care and support we offer you. Like the name suggests, our supported independent living is about supporting you.

It's about choice & control

Choice and control are the most important elements of your care. From who you partner with to what you do — it’s your choice. We help you make your SIL funding work best for you.

"I now have choice and control over the big decisions in my life."

Zack is one of our participants who’s currently learning how to take on life independently. He’s living independently with the support of our supported independent living (SIL) and Community Access teams who provide amazing support and mentorship in his special interests. Working on the things Zack loves allows him to have fun, learn to handle new situations, and make decisions easier.

Two men standing together at a desk, one of them is holding a tool

Our people are our heart and soul

At Avas Support, our people are our greatest asset. We focus on person-centered care, and spend the time getting to know you, your disability and care needs, and find the best fit we can with support staff. Here’s what some of our amazing team have to say about working as a support worker with Avas Support.

5 people running away from the camera, working as a group as part of the Avas Support network

NDIS SIL provider

Avas Support are a provider of NDIS funded Supported Independent Living services, SIL supports and support coordination.

If you have NDIS funding that includes SIL funding within your NDIS plan and are looking for a provider for this SIL funding, you have come to the right place.

Passionate about supporting you

Our passionate and caring support workers are here to help you embrace the every day.

We are passionate about providing you with the support you need to live independently in your own home, with our 24 hour support services that allow you to spend more time on the things that you love in life.

Our around-the-clock day-to-day support for people with a disability can provide you with assistance with household chores, accessing community and social activities, attending appointments, personal care, and more.

Two women walking together
Supported independent living with a woman talking to a man

Supported independent living is as easy as getting started.

Take control, take the first step towards getting the support you need to live in your own home and live as independently as possible.

Getting the support you need from a  SIL provider that is focused on you is as easy as taking the first step and reaching out to our friendly team.

We can take it from there to help you get more enjoyment from the day to day. Request a callback today.

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.