Zachariah Gordon stands with his tools as part of his independent living with help from Avas Support

Zack’s Story

Zack is one of our participants who’s currently learning how to take on life with new skills. He’s supported by our team who provide amazing support and mentorship in his special interests.

We’re big on finding our participants’ special interests and hobbies and working with them to lean into these and go “all in”. Working on things they already love to do allows us to connect while they have fun, learn life lessons, learn to handle new situations, and how to make decisions.

The table Zack is leaning on is one he built for our staff room – we loved it so much that we made it our Avas Boardroom table. Zack absolutely loves woodworking, so his support worker, Murray gave him some support to create this. He’s now started his own woodworking business where he’s commissioned to create more of his woodwork wonders.

Two men standing together, one man is holding tools

Zack and Nathan with Zack’s table.

He’s loved the freedom that’s come with learning to budget and the importance of saving. Zack feels empowered with the belief that he’s a responsible adult who can make decisions.

"I now have choice and control over the big decisions in my life."

Zack is really excited to continue building his new business and finding more of that independence. For now? He’s loving developing real friendships with the people who are invested in him.

Young man holding a tool, standing next to an older man who has his arm on his shoulder

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