Armanie holding up her resume, showing she is gaining more independence through learning new skills through community access support

Amarnie’s Story

Amarnie has been working with Avas Support in capacity building and community access support. She’s 17-years-old and is quickly gaining more independence through the development of life skills, social skills, and learning how to get a job. 

Young woman holding a piece of paper that another woman is talking her through

Amarnie has been developing her resume and is so excited that she now has the support to work in a part-time job.

I'm getting confident in my employment. I am being supported to attend part time employment and I am enjoying my new opportunities to make my own money.

Young women posing near some trees with support dog

As well as employment opportunities, Amarnie has been receiving support to train her Assistance Dog, Bear. With the support of her support worker, Amarnie and Bear have been visiting the public spaces necessary to complete Bear’s required service training hours. 

As well as training Bear and developing her resume, Amarnie has been receiving support to build capacity in her day-to-day life. 

With her support worker, Amarnie’s been creating a routine to help her learn independence and organisation. She’s been learning how to cook different meals and has received assistance in budgeting, shopping and preparing meals for her week ahead. 

Outside of skill-building, Amarnie has been developing confidence in herself and others. She’s been making friends through our facilitated community outings.

“I’ve been provided with the emotional support to work towards my health and fitness goals and to increase my capacity to take on challenges I have set for myself,” said Amarnie.

A young women and support worker out walking her support dog

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