Our Story

The Avas Support Story

The team at Avas Support believes that, “Dreams may look different for everyone – but we all have them.” The thing is, we’re all far more alike than we are different. We all have our own hopes, our own dreams, our own personalities and the desire to make our own decisions and to
live a full, abundant life.

It was this insight on which Avas Support was founded and which remains at its core. In the services Avas Support provides, we start with the individual and with person-centred care; we spend time getting to know a person – as well as their disability and care needs – and then use our experience to find the best fit we can with support staff.

A lady out for a walk using her walker

A people-first approach

After years working in support, owners Peter and Jess Bishop saw how the industry could sometimes rush to service a need first and a person afterwards. But Avas Support has completely flipped this around, with a philosophy that says, “We match the circumstance, we don’t expect the community to simply match what our business has to offer.” This is the driving force behind the Avas Support team’s success, which has seen happier, more fulfilled clients, stronger relationships, and a growing community.

Live life on your terms

We are passionate about bringing transformation to lives every day – to our participants and their families, the professionals with whom we collaborate, our staff, and to the communities we work in. We get excited when we hear stories of our staff supporting our participants to achieve their goals and try new things. We love to balance safety with thinking outside the box, colouring outside of the lines and supporting participants to live life on their terms.

Two men talking to each other, one is in a wheelchair demonstrating supported independent living

Our philosophy is based on choice and control

We work collaboratively with professionals and seek to build quality relationships with them to create a multi-disciplinary team who works together to support our participants in having choice and control in their lives.

Two women walking next to each other, one is walking a support dog next to her

Live a balanced, fulfilling life

We are passionate about our amazing staff who genuinely care about our participants. We love to see them fulfilled, looking forward to and enjoying work. We encourage and support them to study and improve their skills, as well as ensuring we have a comprehensive in-house program with annual competencies. We love celebrating life together
and have a support system in place for times when life becomes a bit challenging. 

We think that it’s important to care about the wider communities in which we are involved as a company. We are passionate about bringing transformation to communities that are geographically disadvantaged while also being respectful of culture within these communities.

Our Vision

To be a leading QLD community service enterprise 

Our Values


We are passionate about community; we believe our nation will be different tomorrow because of the way we do business today. 


It takes a team to provide quality support; we value collaboration in reaching goals. 


We support a person, not a need. The need is important, but you are more important – our focus is finding the best support for you through person-centred care.  


We believe in thinking outside the box and colouring outside the lines. While we keep things safe and provide good governance, we also try new things. 

Our Purpose

Our mission is to empower our people to live an abundant life. We care about people, that’s why we do what we do. 

Avas Support in the Community

As our business expands and we open new Avas Support hubs, we plan to find new ways to support our local communities. Our first sponsorship is the Goodna Eagles.

“The Goodna Eagles U15 Blue side this year was made up of a mix of two clubs which came together to form one side — our Goodna Eagles teamed up with Springfield Panthers. Soon they formed close bonds. The team has grown from a bunch of boys to decent young men before our eyes. They’re always respectful and grateful especially to our Major Sponsor, Avas Support, and of course all our parents and club volunteers.”

Ipswitch Brothers Football Club

"Avas has enabled us to build a village of supports to help Dylan live his best life."

No young man wants to spend all of his time hanging out with his mum. With Avas Support and our beautiful team of support workers, Dylan is able to go out and experience different activities with different people who hold different perspectives on life. Plus, he gets to have some fun without his mum.

Avas Support participants enjoying time with animals and smiling for the camera.

Our people are our heart and soul

Take control,
take the first step.

We can’t wait to work with you. Take the first step and request a callback today.